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For me, health and fitness have always been more than just a hobby; more than just another thing you're supposed to incorporate into your everyday life. Being raised on Van Damme and Jackie Chan movies as a child, I quickly became heavily involved in keeping fit. I would build home gyms in my garden at the age of six, using rocks and plastic boxes as my weights.

Later on, I took up karate and kickboxing, became proficient in the ‘ins and outs’ of diet and nutrition, and decided to further my career in Personal Training and gaining qualification under the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Hit My Macros is my way of sharing the knowledge I’ve acquired with those who want to improve their overall health and excel in the realm of physical fitness.
Sports and IT have been the 2 biggest interests in my life since the golden days of dial up modems. I competed well in badminton but eventually became more fascinated by lifting weights to get stronger, build muscle, as well as understand the science behind it. I dropped out of my Computer Science & e-Business degree to study Sport & Exercise Sciences at the University of Leeds.

When planning my own nutrition, I found traditional calorie counting apps very unappealing; so much so, that in 2014, I combined all of my interests and began creating one of the first automatic meal planning websites.

At Hit My Macros, I work with the very talented development and design team to make my dream fitness website a reality.

The Hit My Macros Way

At the very heart of Hit My Macros is an underlying philosophy regarding the relationship between health, fitness, and life.

For decades, we have been fed bad advice from companies and individuals that have made the relationship we have with our health and lifestyle unsustainable.
Often preaching the ‘all or nothing’ approach that can include completely removing certain lifestyle treats in order to reach desired fitness goals.

We are here to show you that you can have both.

“Lesson for whole life.
Whole life have a balance.
Everything be better.”

- Mr Miyagi, 1984

Life is all about having balance

Whether it be workouts and siestas, or salads and pizza, with the right balance, hefty sacrifices aren’t necessarily needed to reach one’s goals.

At Hit My Macros, we offer a balanced, sustainable approach towards training and nutrition. An approach that can include weekly coffee-and-cake catch-ups with friends, and a beer on the weekend while you take it easy.


Just like life, it’s not only about the short-term wins but also about the long-term success.

Along with healthy, delicious meal plans and progressive, ever-changing workout routines, we also aim to provide the certain ‘touch’ that we all need in life…

The human touch

Because believe it or not, there are some things computers are simply not very good at!

At Hit My Macros, we do absolutely everything in our power to keep you both motivated and supported throughout your entire epic fitness journey.

This includes having a real (human) fitness coach by your side to talk to whenever in doubt.

No AI chatbots. Things always end badly with robots...

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