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Create a custom workout plan or follow one of our own tried-and-tested progressive workout routines. Whether you want to build muscle, lose fat, or get fitter - we’ve got you covered.

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Workout Calendar

Build a workout plan

Create your own custom workout plan or import one of our proven-to-work training plans to your calendar. Each day gives you the chance to add a workout, stretching session, and an extra-credit challenge.

Track your workouts

Use the calendar as an online training journal to track which workouts you have completed and what you have coming next. It also sums up the calories burned from your workouts each day.

Reschedule workouts

If you ever miss a workout, you can simply reschedule it for another day. For the workouts you love, you can arrange to repeat it the following week.
Training Plan
Meal planner

Workout Plans and Routines

Your ideal workout plan

Find which workout plan is best for you by customizing your search settings. Search for plans based on weight loss/muscle gain, what equipment you have available, and if you are looking for a beginners, intermediate, or advanced routine.

Progressive workout plans

The best training plans aim to continuously challenge and motivate you to keep going. We ensure that your progress is never at a standstill.

Not only gym routines

Our workout database also includes stretching routines, cardio sessions, and additional extra-credit challenges.

Workout Mode

Follow all workouts in our simple-to-use and informative workout mode. We include helpful notes during your workout, exercise guides if you are ever in doubt, and a simple way to see how far you are into your workout and what exercises are next.
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Meal Planner

A Workout AND Diet Planner

A workout plan is not complete without a diet plan. When you are setting up your account, we generate a customizable diet plan aimed to perfectly complement your training routine. Read more about our Diet Planner.

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