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Calculate your path to victory We focus on what is scientifically proven to deliver the results you desire. Calculate your ideal nutritional targets with our calorie and macro calculator and reach your physique goal in no time.
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Generate meal plans automatically Create your personalized meal plan automatically. Our meal plan generator removes the confusion on how to hit your macros and calorie targets at the click of a button. The recipes are interesting, and are guaranteed to give you great results.
Enjoy the good things in life Simply input what Cheeky Treats you like to have each week and we will recalculate your meal plan to work with you! It’s important to have a diet plan that allows for some flexibility while still maximizing your results.
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Level up with progressive training plans Improve your strength and flexibility. Burn fat and build muscle. Our workout plans improve your fitness level progressively and motivate you to keep going. We have 100’s of workouts, a customizable training plan calendar, and workout mode complete with helpful instructions.
Get the support you deserve Whether you need accountability to keep you on track, motivation, guidance, or simply someone you can talk to, our coaches will be there for you each step of the way. With Hit My Macros, you are not alone.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Besides being our company name, Hit My Macros is a term used by those who are interested in optimizing their nutrition and roughly know how much protein, carbs, and fats they should be eating daily but wish to know what they should be eating in order to meet (or ‘hit’) these targets. That’s where we and our automatic meal plan generator come in…

Hit My Macros starts with the end goal and works backwards so you always hit your macros. We calculate your macro and calorie targets and then automatically find all the (delicious) recipes you need to consistently stay on track. Also don’t forget we offer progressive workout plans, personal support and much more!

You can customize your diet plan to only return meals suitable for a vegan, vegetarian, or pescetarian diet.  In additional to this, the meal planner can also exclude gluten, fish, shellfish, nuts, beef, dairy, egg, and soy.

We provide the 3 key components necessary in obtaining the best results; a personalized meal plan, progressive workout plans, and guided support with a fitness and nutrition professional.

In fact, there is a 4th component too; we realize that you have a life! Which is why we pay special attention to detail, such as adapting your meal plan based on what ‘cheeky treats’ you like to enjoy each week.

We haven’t cut any corners with our product.

Although timeframes may vary from person to person, you can expect to achieve very noticeable results within 12 weeks. As well as physical transformations, we also hope to empower you with the knowledge and habits you will acquire throughout your time with us.

Our monthly membership is $15 or yearly is $99 ($8.25/month). You can try before you buy! We offer a free trial that requires no credit card information. Click the ‘Create My Plan’ button and get started now :)

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Build muscle. Lose weight. Feel great.
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