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Calculate your personalized calorie and macro targets and generate a meal plan automatically.

Our weekly meal planner, grocery list, and healthy recipes makes meal planning easy so you can lose fat, build muscle, feel great, and save money.
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Meal Plan Generator

Automatically generate a meal plan personalized to your needs in the following simple steps: Step 1: Enter your personal statistics and goals (weight loss, maintenance; or muscle gain) into the calorie and macro calculator. Step 2: Select any dietary needs and preferences you may have, such as, vegan, pescatarian, gluten- free, time available to cook etc. Step 3: Choose which 'Cheeky Treats' (wine, coffee, cake etc) you like to have each week. The generator will then adapt your meal plan to ensure nothing gets in the way of you achieving your goals!
Nutritional targets
Meal planner

Weekly Meal Planner

Meal Planning Calendar

Swap, copy, and save your favourite meals. Make each day something you look forward to and bring you closer to your goal.

Automated Grocery List

All ingredients found in your meal plan get added to your shopping list automatically. Add foods you already have to your virtual pantry.

Printable/downloadable to PDF

When meal prepping and shopping, it can be nice to see your weekly plan on paper. Download your plan to a printable pdf in just one click.

Healthy Recipes That Actually Taste Good

Mediterranean Diet

Our healthy meals are all based on the ingredients found in the well-studied and scientifically- approved Mediterranean Diet.

Keeping It Interesting

We've paid extra attention in making sure our recipes taste great so this is a diet plan you will stick with, and enjoy!

Recipes For One (or more)

No more having to divide all your recipe instructions by 8. You can easily scale up the serving size if you are cooking for your partner, family and friends.
Recipes that actually taste good

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