1,500 Calorie Vegetarian Meal Plan

A 1,500 calorie vegetarian diet, carefully planned, can promote healthy eating habits for individuals aiming for weight loss. Be mindful that calorie needs vary, hence caloric intake should align with personal goals and lifestyle.

Who should try this diet?

If you’re focused on losing weight, a diet that aims for an average of 1,500 calories can be a highly effective approach. This calorie level provides ample energy to support your daily activities and exercise routines, while creating enough of a caloric deficit to encourage weight loss.

However! It’s important to keep in mind that everyone’s calorie requirements are unique. Therefore, determining the appropriate daily calorie intake based on your specific goals, whether it be losing fat, building muscle, or adopting a healthy lifestyle, is paramount for success.

If following this style of meal plan creates unwanted weight loss, it may be necessary to increase total calories consumed accordingly.

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Example plan

We’ve provided a printable 1,500 calorie vegetarian meal plan PDF, including recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. It’s structured over 5 meals (3 mains and 2 snacks).

Download the meal plan in the link above or continue reading for recipes.

Provides 1,459 kcal, 92g Protein, 147g Carbs, 62g Fat per day.


The Berry Good Wake-Up Smoothie

Ideally, use chilled or even frozen berries for this splendid mix of berry delight. 

Calories and Macros

339 Calories
39g Protein
33g Carbohydrates
7g Fat


45 grams Raspberries
45 grams Blueberries
45 grams Strawberries
350 ml Almond Milk
2 tsp Honey
45 grams Vanilla Whey Protein (80%)


Step 1: Place all ingredients into a solid blender and securely fasten the lid.

Step 2: Blend thoroughly for around 15 – 30 seconds while gradually adding water (if necessary) to create desired consistency.

Step 3: Pour into a glass for that antioxidant power house.


Margherita Toast!

When pizza doesn’t hit your macros, or you simply don’t have the time to bake up the Italian classic, this one is for you!

Calories and Macros

450 Calories
25g Protein
42g Carbohydrates
20g Fat


3 slices Whole Grain Bread
1 1/2 medium Tomatoes
60 grams Mozzarella Cheese
3/4 tsp Olive Oil
4 Basil Leaves


Step 1: Place your bread into a toaster and let things heat up while you slice the tomato and mozzarella into slices.

Step 2: Once the bread has made the wonderful transformation into its crunchy counterpart, lay the mozzarella and tomato on top.

Step 3: Scatter the basil leaves over your masterpiece, season with a little salt and pepper, and drizzle with the olive oil before crunching in. 



Classic Turkish One-Pan Menemen

Calories and Macros

398 Calories
21g Protein
36g Carbohydrates
21g Fat


3/4 tbsp Olive Oil
1/2 medium Onion
1/2 medium Green Bell Pepper
1 Red Chilli Pepper
125 grams Chopped Tomatoes
25 grams Sun-Dried Tomatoes
1 tsp Brown Sugar
1 tbsp chopped Parsley
2 tbsp Greek Yogurt (whole milk)
1 cloves Garlic
2 Eggs


Step 1: Chop the onion and bell pepper into bite-size slices and set aside. 

Step 2: Finely slice the garlic and chilli and set to the other side.

Step 3: Heat the oil in a heavy-based frying pan over a medium temperature.

Step 4: Stir in the onions, bell pepper, and chilies and allow them all to become very well acquainted in the pan for about 3 minutes. Season with a little salt and pepper here too!

Step 5: Add the canned tomatoes and the sugar and bring to a light simmer to reduce the liquid. Then, add the sun-dried tomatoes and stir. 

Step 6: Using a wooden spoon, create pockets that will hold the eggs.

Step 7: Crack an egg into each pocket, reduce the heat to low, and cover the pan. Allowing the eggs to set.

Step 8: While you wait, beat the finely-sliced garlic into the yogurt and season well. 

Step 9: Serve the menemen with some parsley sprinkled over the top and a dollop of the garlicky yogurt on the side.

Snack 1

Banana and Cashew Power!

Calories and Macros

160 Calories
3g Protein
30g Carbohydrates
5g Fat


1 medium Banana
10 grams Cashew Nuts


Step 1: Eat the banana and the cashew nuts. All of them.

Did you know that bananas float in water because they are less dense in comparison.

Snack 2

Pistachio Snack

Mini mean, green energy machines! 

Calories and Macros

112 Calories
4g Protein
6g Carbohydrates
9g Fat


20 grams Pistachio Nuts

So, there you have it! A balanced, nutritious, and delicious 1,500-calorie vegetarian meal plan. Enjoy!

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