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Love it! All of my delicious meals planned out for me, challenging workouts that keep me strong, and all my progress is logged to keep me motivated. I like to go out with friends, so the ‘Cheeky Treat’ function allows me to stay on track with my lifestyle choices (which does include the odd dessert and glass of wine or 2… or 3).

Hit My Macros creates an ideal mix of health and fitness, without completely neglecting the treats that are completely normal to have once in a while!


Marine Biologist and Water Sports Enthusiast

After years of loving the gym, with all of the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, I really lost all of my training motivation. I had no desire to work out or follow a healthy diet. I quickly lost any gains I had made, old injuries that I thought had healed started to niggle again, and I generally felt quite down about it all. One day, when I simply couldn’t take it anymore, I decided to give Hit My Macros a go and I haven’t looked back. The workouts are amazing! I’m doing such a variety of exercises, some I’d never tried before… Hit My Macros both pushes me and holds me accountable, I love it. The food advice is just brilliant, with plenty of great recipes. I love my food, so this is a great help for me.

I don’t need to go anywhere else for my fitness inspiration.

One very happy customer here!!!


Theatre Director and Choreographer


I’ve tried so many calorie counting apps, diet websites, and meal planning platforms, and found I kept having to start over and over again because they were all pretty boring or overly complicated to use. After 3 months with Hit My Macros, I’ve stayed on track and got the results I was looking for, with my body and my lifestyle habits! I think it comes down to the creative, easy-to-cook recipes, and the ever-so-helpful grocery lists that go on my fridge every week!

The workouts are fun, and it’s helpful to know that I can always talk to an actual person if I feel a little lost.

I just completed the 4-Week Plank Challenge and would recommend that!


Vocalist and Presenter


Hit My Macros is more than just a site with a few workouts.
I’ve been using it for about 8 weeks now and it is truly amazing.

Structured plans that I can schedule to target my weaknesses get me amazing results. That structure keeps me motivated to work hard towards my personal goals.
I become stronger and more confident weekly.

Spotify playlists and information about nutrition is also a big help and make sure that I remain focused on my goals.


Public Services


Amazing site, it’s provided great comfort to our lives! We absolutely love eating out and a good wine and beer every now and again, but in the week it's pretty difficult to find the time to maintain a balanced diet, so Hit My Macros has filled that spot and is perfect. Very user friendly, tasty meals which actually fill you up and which you look forward to. On top of all this, you get a 1 to 1 personalised service whenever you need anything and a load of workouts which are pleasantly challenging and keep you eager to progress.

So, if you need a bit of motivation, and actually want a fun, healthy lifestyle, definitely give Hit My Macros a go!


Wealth Manager and Passionate Chef

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