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Barbell Bench Press

How to do the Barbell Bench Press

1. Lay on a flat bench, with your feet planted firmly on the floor and make sure your back is in line and in contact with the bench

2. Using an overhand grip, take a firm hold of the racked barbell directly above your shoulders. Your hands should be slightly wider than shoulder-width apart 3. Carefully unrack the barbell and hold it directly above your chest

4. Inhale as you slowly lower the barbell towards your chest

5. Continue to lower until you feel a full extension in your chest, your elbows should come directly out and away from your sides and slightly pass the line of your body

6. The barbell should not bounce off your chest, allow it to lightly touch your chest at the lowest part of the motion

7. Briefly pause before exhaling as you drive the barbell back up and above your chest by contracting the muscles in your chest

What muscles does the Barbell Bench Press work?

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The primary muscles used in the Barbell Bench Press are the Chest. The secondary muscles used are the Shoulders and Triceps.

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