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Barbell Sumo Squats

How to do Barbell Sumo Squats

1. Carefully load the barbell onto your shoulders, keeping a firm grip with your hands on either side throughout the entire motion

2. Place your feet between 125% and 150% of your shoulder-width apart with your toes pointing outwards at a 45-degree angle

3. Brace your core and inhale as you lower your body, bending at the knees. Be sure to keep your chest upright and your eyes forward

4. Once your pelvis reaches the knee line, briefly pause before exhaling and driving back upwards at a controlled speed using your quadriceps and glutes while bringing your hips forward

What muscles do Barbell Sumo Squats work?

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The primary muscles used in Barbell Sumo Squats are the Glutes and Quads. The secondary muscles used are the Hamstrings and Hip Flexors.

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