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Barbell Thrusters

How to do Barbell Thrusters

1. Stand tall and strong with your feet placed about shoulder-width apart and a slight bend at the knee

2. Take a firm grip of the barbell and hold it closely in front of your shoulders with your palms facing forwards

3. Squat by bending at the knee until your legs reach a full squat (your hips drop below the knee line) and then exhale as you explosively drive your feet into the floor and push the barbell up and overhead as you extend your legs

4. Aim to almost fully extend your legs as the barbell is extended overhead

5. Control the lowering phases as you inhale, once again bending at the knees and bring the barbell back to shoulder position

What muscles do Barbell Thrusters work?

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The primary muscles used in Barbell Thrusters are the Quads and Shoulders. The secondary muscles used are the Chest and Glutes.

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