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Bent Over Dumbbell Bench Rows

How to do Bent Over Dumbbell Bench Rows

1. Place one knee about halfway along the length of a bench, and bend forward so that the corresponding hand can be firmly placed firmly at the end of the same bench (your hand should be at one end, your foot should be top down at the other end)

2. Pivot forward at the hips to ensure that your upper body now runs parallel to both the bench and the floor

3. With your free hand, take a firm grip of a dumbbell, with your palm facing inward, and allow it to loosely hang straight down in front of your shoulder. This is the starting position

4. By contracting the muscles in your upper and middle back, bring the dumbbell up towards your chest, allowing your elbow to run closely past your body

5. Aim to bring your elbows slightly past the level of your ribcage before briefly pausing, and then lowering back to the starting position

What muscles do Bent Over Dumbbell Bench Rows work?

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The primary muscles used in Bent Over Dumbbell Bench Rows are the Middle Back/Lats. The secondary muscles used are the Biceps.

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