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How to do Burpees

1. Stand strong, with your feet placed at shoulder width apart, a slight bend at the knee

2. Squat down and place your palms on the floor just in front of your hands

3. Briefly transfer your weight onto your hands as your explosively kick your feet out behind you with the objective of landing in a push-up position, redistributing your weight across your body

4. Drop your chest down towards the floor hold the position briefly before pushing yourself back up to the elevated position, ensuring your back remains straight throughout the entire motion

5. Keeping your hands firmly placed on the floor, explosively hop both feet in towards your hands taking great care not to knee yourself as you do so

6. Maintaining the same flow, transfer the weight back to your feet and drive up through the balls of your feet upwards to ensure you lightly jump off the ground

7. Raise your hands in mid air and clap above your head (like a mini round of applause) before landing softly and absorbing the impact with a bend at the knee

What muscles do Burpees work?

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The primary muscles used in Burpees are the Glutes and Quads. The secondary muscles used are the Abs, Calves, and Shoulders.

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