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Dumbbell Clean and Press

How to do the Dumbbell Clean and Press

1. Place two dumbbells on the floor just in front of you and stand tall and strong with your feet placed about shoulder-width apart and a very slight bend at the knee

2. Keeping your back straight and neck in line with your spine, squat down to collect the dumbbells, taking a firm grip in each hand

3. Explosively drive your feet into the floor and bring the dumbbells up and along the front of your body

4. Continue with the momentum generated allowing the dumbbells to travel upwards and begin to bend at the elbow as well as shrug your shoulder to bring the dumbbells up to shoulder height with a flick of the wrist

5. Once the dumbbells rest in front of your shoulders, pause briefly before driving the weight up and above your head

6. Continue pushing the dumbbells upwards until they are fully extended above your head and your palms are now facing forward (be sure to keep a very slight bend in both your elbows and knees throughout the entire motion)

What muscles does the Dumbbell Clean and Press work?

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The primary muscles used in the Dumbbell Clean and Press are the Shoulders and Traps. The secondary muscles used are the Biceps and Middle Back/Lats.

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