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Dumbbell Deadlifts

How to do Dumbbell Deadlifts

1. Place two dumbbells horizontally on the floor just in front of you

2. Stand tall and strong with your feet placed about shoulder-width apart and a very slight bend at the knee

3. Keeping your back straight and neck in line with your spine, bend forwards at the hip while simultaneously bending at the knee to get down low enough to grasp the dumbbells in an overhand grip

4. Keeping your arms straight, allow your hips and shoulders to drive upwards together while keeping your back and neck in line

5. Bring the dumbbells along the line of your body throughout the entire motion until you reach a tall, strong, top position

6. Lightly tense your glutes at this top position, the dumbbells should now be resting horizontally on your upper thighs

What muscles do Dumbbell Deadlifts work?

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The primary muscles used in Dumbbell Deadlifts are the Glutes and Lower Back. The secondary muscles used are the Hamstrings and Quads.

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