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Dumbbell Leg Pull Ins

How to do Dumbbell Leg Pull Ins

1. Sit on a sturdy bench or chair with your hands placed slightly behind you, gripping the edge of the bench or chair

2. Collect the dumbbell with your feet, ensuring that is comfortable and held strong between the instep arches (keep a plate on top of your feet so that the dumbbell runs vertically between your feet)

3. Bend your elbows slightly, allowing your torso to lean back a little as you extend your feet outwards and away from you

4. Contract your abdominal muscles, exhale, and bring your knees in towards your chest as you bring your torso slightly more upright

What muscles do Dumbbell Leg Pull Ins work?

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The primary muscles used in Dumbbell Leg Pull Ins are the Abs. The secondary muscles used are the Hip Flexors.

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