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Dumbbell Pullovers

How to do Dumbbell Pullovers

1. Place your upper back and rear shoulders on a bench so that your body is running perpendicular to the bench itself

2. Place your feet flat on the floor and elevate your body so that your back is straight and your body is now held the same height as the bench while holding a dumbbell, firmly, with both hands on your chest

3. Ensuring the dumbbell is fixed (a screw lock is the safest here) hold the underside of the plate with both palms, and allow your fingers to wrap around the upper plate

4. Hold the dumbbell so that is positioned vertically above your chest

5. Lower the dumbbell overhead until your upper arms join the straight line of the rest of your body, be sure to maintain a slight bend at the elbow

6. Pull the weight back to the starting position by contracting the muscles in your upper and middle back

What muscles do Dumbbell Pullovers work?

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The primary muscles used in Dumbbell Pullovers are the Chest and Middle Back/Lats. The secondary muscles used are the Shoulders and Traps.

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