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Dumbbell Snatch

How to do the Dumbbell Snatch

1. Place your feet about 125% of your shoulder-width apart with your toes pointing forwards with your dumbbell in the middle of your feet at the toe line

2. While keeping your chest and shoulders upright, squat down and take a firm grip of the dumbbell with one hand

3. Explosively drive upwards using your legs, and as you do so, bring the dumbbell upwards and along an imaginary line that runs close to the front of your body

4. Using the momentum, allow the dumbbell to travel past your hip line, and as it does, begin to bend at the elbow as well as shrug your shoulder to bring the dumbbell up to shoulder height with a flick of the wrist

5. The same momentum should continue through the motion to allow the dumbbell to continue its course up and above your head by straightening your arm

6. Drive your feet into the floor as you fully extend the dumbbell overhead and pause to admire just how much of a marble Greek statue you have become

What muscles does the Dumbbell Snatch work?

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The primary muscles used in the Dumbbell Snatch are the Shoulders and Traps. The secondary muscles used are the Middle Back/Lats and Quads.

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