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Dumbbell Step Ups

How to do Dumbbell Step Ups

1. Take a firm grip of the dumbbells and allow them to rest next to your thighs with your palms facing inwards

2. Stand tall and strong with your feet placed about shoulder-width apart, in front of a sturdy bench or chair

3. With your chosen leg (the chosen one!) take a step onto the bench or chair

4. Allow this leg to take the majority of the weight as you step up, maintaining a strong core and steady balance as you do so. Try to keep your chest and back upright, with your eyes looking straight ahead

5. Bring your other leg up and place your feet together on the top of the elevated surface

6. Use the following leg to reverse the motion back down to the starting position

What muscles do Dumbbell Step Ups work?

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The primary muscles used in Dumbbell Step Ups are the Quads. The secondary muscles used are the Glutes and Hip Flexors.

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