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Dumbbell Woodchops

How to do Dumbbell Woodchops

1. Take a firm grip of the dumbbell using both hands wrapped around the bar

2. With the dumbbell resting slightly below your groin, stand tall and strong with your feet placed about a little wider than shoulder-width apart and a slight bend at the knee. This is the starting position

3. When ready, inhale and bring the dumbbell upwards and across your body as if preparing to chop wood placed directly on the opposing side. Be sure to rotate your entire torso in the same direction as the motion (while keeping your feet firmly placed in the starting spot)

4. Aim to bring the dumbbell up to just above your shoulder level before briefly pausing, and then in a controlled manner, exhale and bring the dumbbell back across your body down to the opposite side as if slowly chopping that wood!

5. Return back to the centre and starting position before the next rep

What muscles do Dumbbell Woodchops work?

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The primary muscles used in Dumbbell Woodchops are the Abs and Obliques. The secondary muscles used are the Quads.

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