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Resistance Band Side Steps

How to do Resistance Band Side Steps

1. Place the small-loop resistance band around your legs, just above the knee

2. Place your feet about shoulder-width apart with your toes very slightly pointing outwards

3. Brace your core and inhale as you lower your body, bending at the knees. Be sure to keep your chest upright and your eyes forward

4. Once your knees hit a 90-degree angle, you are ready for action!

5. With one leg, take a step outwards and away from the central line while holding the squat position, aim for about 150% of your shoulder width

6. Bring your other leg towards the leading leg to again reach the starting position

7. Repeat the same motion on the opposite side and continue for the specified amount of reps or time

What muscles do Resistance Band Side Steps work?

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The primary muscles used in Resistance Band Side Steps are the Glutes and Quads. The secondary muscles used are the Abs and Hip Flexors.

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