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Roundhouse Kicks

How to do Roundhouse Kicks

1. Fighting Position: Begin by placing your feet in a staggered stance, slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Your leading foot should be pointing forwards, your rear foot should run close to perpendicular to your lead foot, your knees should be slightly bent, and your torso should be perpendicular to your target

2. Bring your fists up so that your leading hand is about six inches in front of your chin, your rear hand is 2-3 inches from your rear cheek, and your elbows are tucked in next to your ribs

3. Your chin should be slightly tucked and your eyes should look directly over your lead fist, into the eyes of your target. You are ready for action

4. Lift your rear leg, being sure to keep the knee slightly bent, as you twist your body towards your target.

5. Continue to rotate through the motion and bring your foot up to about hip height (lower is also fine) 6. Extend your kicking leg by straightening the knee allowing your shin to come into contact with the target. Snap! 7. Again, bend at the knee and rotate your body back to your side-on position before grounding your kicking leg and showing mercy to your enemy

What muscles do Roundhouse Kicks work?

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The primary muscles used in Roundhouse Kicks are the Abs and Hip Flexors. The secondary muscles used are the Glutes and Lower Back.

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