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How to do Scarecrows

1. Stand tall and strong with your feet placed about shoulder-width apart

2. Take a firm overhand grip of the dumbbells and hold your arms laterally flared our and away from your body so that the dumbbells hang towards the floor, with your palms facing backwards, and your elbows run the same height as your shoulders (there should be a 90-degree bend at your elbow)

3. Keep your core strong and rotate the arms (without bending them) bringing the dumbbells upwards in an arch-like motion

4. Continue to raise the dumbbells until they reach the top position and your palms are now facing forwards (while maintaining the same 90-degree bend at the elbow)

5. Reverse the motion back down to the starting position

What muscles do Scarecrows work?

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The primary muscles used in Scarecrows are the Shoulders and Traps.

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