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Seated Dumbbell Hammer Press

How to do the Seated Dumbbell Hammer Press

1. Sit on a bench or sturdy chair and ensure that your back is in contact with the back of the bench/chair

2. Take a firm grip of the dumbbells and bring them up to rest at shoulder height with one either side of your head, your palms facing inwards, and your elbows tucked in at your sides

3. Exhale as you drive the weight upwards, keeping your palms facing inwards, until the dumbbells are fully extended above your head, bringing them together will increase the range of motion (be sure to keep a very slight bend in your elbows throughout the entire exercise)

4. Form check to make sure your elbows are more or less in line with your ears

5. Control the lowering portion of the exercise bringing the dumbbells back to the starting position

What muscles does the Seated Dumbbell Hammer Press work?

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The primary muscles used in the Seated Dumbbell Hammer Press are the Shoulders. The secondary muscles used are the Chest.

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