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Seated Jabs

How to do Seated Jabs

1. Sit on a workout surface or mat with your legs bent at the knee and your feet elevated from the floor

2. Lean back slightly so that your abdominal muscles support your torso

3. Bring your fists up so that they both sit comfortably a few inches either side of your chin and your elbows are tucked in next to your ribs

4. Extend one fist forward by straightening at the elbow while rotating your fist to a palm down position on contact

5. Bring your fist back to the starting position before extending your other fist forward by once again straightening at the elbow and rotating the palm downwards

6. Continue this fluid motion for the specified amount of reps or time

What muscles do Seated Jabs work?

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The primary muscles used in Seated Jabs are the Abs. The secondary muscles used are the Obliques and Shoulders.

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