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T-Bar Press

How to do the T-Bar Press

1. Place a barbell into either a dedicated T-Bar pivot, or lock it firmly into the corner of a room at the empty end

2. Add your dedicated amount of weight to the working end of the barbell

3. Kneel in front of the loaded end of the barbell and lift the very end of the barbell by wrapping your hands tightly around the end with your thumbs overlapping at the bottom and your fingers interlocking at the top side of the barbell end

4. Your elbows should be closely pinned to your rib cage, your torso upright and strong, and your knees and lower legs firmly grounded

5. Drive the end of the barbell up and away from your chest as you exhale until your arms are in a fully-extended position

6. Carefully lower the end of the barbell back down to your chest, taking absolute care as you do so

What muscles does the T-Bar Press work?

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The primary muscles used in the T-Bar Press are the Chest. The secondary muscles used are the Shoulders and Triceps.

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