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T-Bar Rows

How to do T-Bar Rows

1. Place a barbell into either a dedicated T-Bar pivot, or lock it firmly into the corner of a room at the empty end

2. Add your dedicated amount of weight to the working end of the barbell

3. Stand over the barbell, with one leg on either side and bend forward at the hips enough to reach down and take a firm, interlocked grip around the barbell (just below the plates)

4. Your elbows should be closely pinned to your rib cage, your torso and about a 75-degree angle and strong, and your knees slightly bent

5. Slightly elevate the plates from the floor by straightening your legs just a little, this is the starting position

6. Using your magnificent back muscles, pull the resistance carefully towards your chest ensuring that you don’t knock yourself out with the plates

7. As you reach the full contraction, lightly tense your back muscles before extending your arms back to the starting position

What muscles do T-Bar Rows work?

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The primary muscles used in T-Bar Rows are the Middle Back/Lats. The secondary muscles used are the Biceps.

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