time 45 minutes

Classic Cheesy Tomato Risotto

438 Calories
12.2g Protein
55.4g Carbs
14.1g Fat


minus 1 serving plus
75 grams Cherry Tomatoes
2 tsp Olive Oil
1 tbsp Parmesan Cheese
0.5 Medium Onion
1 Garlic Clove
40 grams Risotto Rice
60 ml Dry White Wine
2 Basil Leaves
2 medium Tomatoes
350 ml Vegetable Stock
1 Dash of Cinnamon


Step 1: Let’s get everything ready by first chopping the onions, tomatoes, and finely slicing the garlic.

Step 2: Then, in a decent-sized pan, heat half of the olive oil over a medium heat.

Step 3: Add the cherry tomatoes and allow to brown evenly over the course of 5 minutes before removing and setting to the side.

Step 4: In that same ever-faithful pan, heat the remaining olive oil to about the same temperature before adding the onions, garlic, and cinnamon. Allow to soften for about 2 - 4 minutes before adding the dry rice.

This is where things get fun.

Step 5: Chop up the basil leaves and add to the pan ensuring that all ingredients are mixing well.

Step 6: Add the wine and allow the liquid to thicken a little (this should only take 3 - 5 minutes).

Step 7: Now, it’s time to add those chopped tomatoes, the parmesan cheese, and a little salt and pepper, and a little stock; bring to simmer.

Step 8: Over the next 15 minutes you’re going to add the stock little by little until the rice matches the consistency desired; aim for it to be a little al dente. Be sure to stir frequently. You are the master.

Step 9: Once ready, serve in a bowl, and add those cherry tomatoes on top!

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