Month: July 2022

  • What Is a Calorie Deficit?

    What Is a Calorie Deficit?

    Calorie Deficit: Everything you need to know What is a calorie deficit In simple terms, a calorie deficit is when you burn more calories, by maintaining bodily functions along with overall activity, than you consume, through your diet. But, what actually happens when your body is in a calorie deficit? Well, imagine pouring 250ml of…

  • What Are Micronutrients?

    What Are Micronutrients?

    Micronutrients: What are they and why are they important? What are micronutrients? Micronutrients is the term used to describe the vitamins and minerals that your body needs in very small amounts in order to function correctly. As micronutrients are not produced in your body, they must be obtained through your diet. Their importance is critical,…

  • What Are Macros?

    What Are Macros?

    What Are Macros and Why Are They Important? What are macros ‘Macros’ is short for ‘Macronutrients’, and they are the nutrients that you need to consume in large quantities in order to survive. They consist of protein, carbohydrates, and fat (you may have heard of them before!). Now, we could end this article right there…